Where Can One Find Examples of Gourd Painting Patterns?


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The Fairy Gourdmother offers gourd painting patterns for sale on its website and posts examples of painted gourds in its gallery. Martha's Gourds and Quarry Farm Gourds sell gourd crafts, and both companies post pictures of painted gourds for sale on their websites. GourdsByMary.com also provides numerous pictures of painted gourds.

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The Fairy Gourdmother sells gourd painting pattern packets in several categories, including animals, characters, holiday themes, seasonal themes and miscellaneous patterns. The company also offers patterns for characters from "Alice in Wonderland" and patterns for gourd candleholders, bird houses and Southwest themes. The Fairy Gourdmother posts pictures of finished painted gourds for each pattern, and pattern packets include a pattern, at least one photograph, a materials list and detailed instructions for painting or construction.

Martha's Gourds sells one-of-a-kind painted gourd bowls, banks, animals, wall hangings and Christmas-themed gourds. Customers can commission decorative gourds resembling those that have already been sold. Quarry Farm Gourds posts photos of painted gourd birdhouses, tobacco boxes, decorative hangings, chipped-carved gourd items and painted gourd birds, such as ducks, flamingos and geese. The company also crafts gourds to order when possible.

GourdsByMary.com posts photos of individual decorative gourds and gourd sets, gourd birdhouses, and group pictures of gourds painted in creative holiday, natural and patriotic themes. Customers can view enlarged photos to see pattern details.

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