How Can One Dry Rose Petals for Confetti?

can-one-dry-rose-petals-confetti Credit: peddhapati/CC-BY-2.0

To dry roses to make confetti, break apart the petals, and allow them to dry for about four days. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the petals, and you need several fresh roses and a towel or large piece of cardboard.

  1. Gather the roses

    Choose roses that have a vibrant color and no brown spots because discolored roses turn brown when they dry. All roses become darker as they dry, so choose a shade of rose that is slightly lighter than what you want for the final confetti.

  2. Separate the petals

    Use your fingers to gently pull the rose petals off each stem. Discard the stem and the rose center.

  3. Lay out the petals

    Place a towel or a large piece of cardboard on a flat space in a dry, warm room. Spread the petals in a single layer over the towel or cardboard, which absorbs moisture from the petals as they dry. The petals take three to four days to dry, and they become darker and more curled as they shrink.

  4. Store the confetti

    Once the petals are dry to the touch, place them in a sealed container. Remove any petals that are discolored so that they do not damage the other petals in storage.