Where Can One Buy Match Attax Cards?

Match Attax cards are available at the Topps website as well as several other online stores including both eBay and Amazon. Some stores such as Walmart and Target also carry Match Attax cards, although availability is limited based on location. In addition, Match Attax cards are available on various card swap and club websites, where collectors can swap, trade, or buy cards as desired.

Walmart, Toys R Us and Target are the easiest places to buy official Match Attax cards as they come out. The Topps website is also a good option. Topps offers all of the newest, non-exclusive cards at the official retail price, and eBay and Amazon offer a variety of Match Attax cards through mostly third party sellers including new, used and collectible cards which vary in value and condition. These websites are the best options for anyone in search of old or rare cards or full sets. Finally, there are a number of websites such as Footy Cards,Tops Direct or Match Attax Swaps that are dedicated to trading and selling Match Attax cards. These are not official websites but do offer membership and card swaps, and rare cards and card sets, such as the 2010 Topps/Merlin World Cup 343-Card Master Set or even older sets like the 1988 Pannini set.