How Can One Build a Paper Car?


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The easiest way to build a paper car is to print out a paper car pattern on heavy paper, cut it out and fold it where directed. It is also easy to make a paper car by doing a few easy origami folds and then drawing in details, such as windows and doors.

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To make an origami car, a person start with a piece of origami paper with the color side facedown. The person should fold the paper in half, open it back up and lay it flat. The next step is to fold a flap on the top and bottom of the sheet off paper, at about the one-third line for each half. Once those two flaps are folded, a person should fold up the top right corner, again at about the one-third line in from the edge. The person should repeat this process for the other three corners.

Next, a person should fold down the tips of each of the top flaps and then fold the entire piece in half, along the original crease from the first step. A person should then fold the tips again to allow for the car to have stability when it sits on its tires. To make the back and front windshield shape, a person should simply do a reverse fold on each end. The person can finish the project by drawing windows and doors onto the paper car.

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