Where Can One Find the Answers to USA Today's Crossword Puzzle?

The answers to the online version of USA Today's crossword puzzle are embedded right in the puzzle on the newspaper's website. The toolbar at the top of the page provides help by revealing letters, words or the entire puzzle. Answers to previously published puzzles are also available on the newspaper's website.

The site allows you to play the crossword puzzle contained in the print version online. The answers can be found by clicking "Solve" from the drop down menu and choosing "Solve Puzzle."

The USA today website also providers users both the crossword puzzles and answers featured in USA Today from the past month. For answers to crossword puzzles prior to one month ago, the website CrosswordGiant.com provides answers going as far as back as 2003. However, Crossword Giant does not feature the crossword puzzles, only the answers.

Some of the other tools that are available include a timer and the ability to play in expert mode. Playing in expert mode prevents a player from being able to reveal answers to the puzzle.

Other puzzles that are offered for free to play at USA Today's website include:

  • Sudoku
  • Word Roundup
  • Quick Cross
  • Don't Quote Me
  • Up and Down Words
  • Mini Sudoku