What Can You Do With Old Coins From Other Countries?


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Websites like CoinQuest.com offer online appraisal systems that help people find out how much their old coins are worth. Having an idea of what a coin is worth will make it easier to avoid being taken advantage of by an appraiser who is hoping to make a huge profit. Pawn shops, coin shops and online auction websites are all ways to sell old coins from other countries.

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According to CoinTrackers.com, pawn shops do buy coins but should be avoided whenever possible. Coin shops are a better option, but they usually only offer 10 to 40 percent of a coin's actual worth to ensure a significant profit. However, going to a coin shop saves time on finding a buyer, which is especially helpful when trying to sell a large number of coins.

CoinTrackers.com states that selling coins online is best for people who don't have time constraints. It can take months to sell a coin online, but the coin will at least fetch the highest possible price. CoinTrackers.com suggests avoiding eBay because of the high fees eBay imposes on coin sellers. Coins.Ha.com, Teletrade.com, and GreatCollections.com are three eBay alternatives for selling coins, and these websites market themselves specifically toward coin enthusiasts.

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