What Can You Do With the Old Cans You Find for Sale?


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You can turn old milk cans into eye-pleasing decorations for your home, such as a distressed statement piece or a flower pot caddy. There are many other smaller projects for other kinds of cans, including recycled food cans.

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To revive a worn-looking milk can as a decoration, first sand away any paint chips to make the surface of the can smooth. Next, paint the entire can using a coat of latex paint in a color of your choice. You may want to choose a color that complements your existing decor. After the base coat of paint dries, add one coat of white paint over it. You can use a wet paper towel to wipe away some of the white paint for a distressed look and add graphics to the can using stencils.

Another project turns old tin cans into a flower pot caddy. Use four large clean tin cans and any other materials from around your home to create this decoration. First, use a hole saw drill bit to cut a handle into a piece of scrap wood. Next, sand and paint the wood with white paint to achieve a distressed appearance. Drill holes in the bottoms of the cans so that your plants will have proper drainage, and attach them to the handle of your caddy after painting them in a color of your choice.

Children can make their own stilts using two large coffee cans. First, stuff the cans with old rags or towels. Next, punch two holes in the top of each can. Thread rope through these holes to make the handles of the stilts. Children can paint their stilts any color they like.

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