Where Can You Obtain Oaklawn Park Racing Forms?

Where Can You Obtain Oaklawn Park Racing Forms?

Oaklawn Park racing forms are available near the entrances to the park along with the official program. The park is located at 2705 Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Ark. and is open everyday at 10 a.m. and closes at 3 a.m., except for Friday and Saturday, when it closes at 5 a.m., as of 2015.

In order to place a wager, a racing form must be completed. The individual selects a horse based on the odds that are displayed on the tote boards situated in the infield or on one of the 500 television monitors located throughout the park.

To place the wager, the track, race number, amount of wager, horse number and type of wager is submitted to the clerk on the racing form. The most common types of wagers include win, place, show or across the board.

A win wager dictates the horse must come in first in order to collect on the bet, while a place wager wins if the horse comes in first or second and a show wager wins if the horse comes in first, second or third. An across the board wager is like making equal bets for a win, place or show. If the horse selected wins, the individual collects on all bets, win, place and show.

The minimum wager at Oaklawn Park is generally $2, and there is break of 30 minutes between races, with the exception if satellite races that run consecutively throughout the day.