How Can You Obtain an Avon Collectibles Price List?


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The most up-to-date and informative Avon Collectibles price guides are still books, as of 2015. While Kovels.com and some dedicated Avon collectors do provide some basic information online, the best resources are available at your local library.

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Kovels' puts out antique and collectible price guides annually, and these guides include Avon items. On Kovels.com, a paying member can see the prices, or they can browse the freely available eBay listings to get a general idea of what collectibles are selling for.

For many years Bud Hastin's Avon Collector's Encyclopedia also provided prices for Avon collectibles, but there hasn't been a new guide since 2007.

FindAvon.com and RobinsFYI.com provide advice and pricing guides for Avon collectors, though both do not claim to be anything more than a general guide. They advise that individuals should begin Avon collecting not for investment, but for pleasure and appreciation of the collectibles, and say that most collectors will be lucky to break even when they are looking to downsize their collections.

Avon has been selling women's goods since 1886, when a traveling book salesman noticed that women were more interested in his perfume samples than his books. The items that influence people to become collectors are usually Avon perfume bottles that come in many attractive shapes.

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