Where Can You Get a Nitrogen Coupler for Beer Kegs?


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Get a nitrogen coupler for beer kegs from specialty beer product suppliers like Micro Matic. Nitrogen couplers are usually unavailable from general home brew supply stores or websites because of their specialized nature and limited practical applications beyond dispensing a single beer type.

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Before buying a nitrogen coupler, be sure that you are buying the correct coupler for the brand of beer you want to dispense. Guinness, Murphy's and other stout brands use different adapters on their kegs. Because Guinness uses U-type coupler adapters on their kegs, the S-type couplers used on kegs of Murphy's stout will not fit Guinness kegs.

Nitrogen couplers are necessary for dispensing certain stout beers, like Guinness and Murphy's, from kegs. When the operator pulls the lever on the nitrogen coupler, a 75 percent nitrogen, 25 percent carbon dioxide gas mixture gets released from a gas cylinder and mixes with beer from the keg.

Nitrogenated stouts have a much denser, creamier head than most beers because nitrogen gas interacts with liquids differently than carbon dioxide. In most beers, only carbon dioxide, either produced naturally by the yeasts during fermentation or added afterward from a gas cylinder, gives the beverage a loose head of large bubbles that dissipate fairly quickly. Because nitrogen forms smaller bubbles than carbon dioxide, nitrogenated beers are less effervescent than carbonated ones but retain their heads longer.

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