How Can You Find a Mouthpiece Chart for a Trumpet?


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Find a trumpet mouthpiece chart by visiting the Dillon Music official website. The site provides a Bach trumpet mouthpiece chart with model numbers, depth of cup, approximate cup diameters and rim shape. The chart also lists a description of each mouthpiece.

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How Can You Find a Mouthpiece Chart for a Trumpet?
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The Bach trumpet mouthpiece chart by Dillon Music offers pieces ranging in diameter from 15 to 17.5 millimeters. The chart has descriptions of rim shapes, such as wide, medium-wide, gradually lowered and those with sharp edges. Descriptions of trumpet mouthpieces on the Bach trumpet chart include suggestions for players depending on their embouchure as well as the anticipated volume and tone produced by the mouthpiece.

Certain brands of musical instruments, such as Yamaha, also offer compatibility charts for trumpet mouthpieces. Yamaha has a mouthpiece compatibility chard for brass and woodwinds that lists the company's standard series pieces, the gold-plated series, Bach, Schilke, Bob Reeves, Giardinelli and Purviance, as of 2015.

All Brass Radio also offers extensive trumpet mouthpiece charts in tables that range from Schilke 24 to Bach 2C and more. While diameter measurements can fluctuate without much notice, the cup depth, rim shape, bite and backbore make a difference in how a mouthpiece plays, states All Brass Radio.

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