How Can You Get Modern Texture Packs for Minecraft?


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A list of various modern resource packs and their download links can be found at Minecraft sites and Minecraft community created sites such as resourcepack.net/category/modern-resource-packs. This site features resource pack while providing information on the developers, the type of additions the packs provide, and step-by-step instructions for installing the pack.

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Resource packs for Minecraft are community developed codes that add customized aspects such as textures, monsters, music, and skins to the game. Because they are community created, there is a process to installing the packs to the game once the resource pack is downloaded. In most cases, the player should go to the computer’s start menu and search “%appdata%”. From there, locate the folder named “.minecraft”. Locate the “resourcepacks” folder and then drop the downloaded .zip resource pack file inside. If successful, the pack will now appear as an option within the game itself.

Minecraft is a popular independent sandbox construction video game that was released in 2009. A world created completely out of textured cubes, Minecraft allows users to put their imaginations to the test building creations in this three-dimensional world. With access to a creative mode and survival mode, players can decide if they wish to limitlessly create structures or discover the world while fighting monsters, farming crops and building fortresses and more. The game can be played either as a single player or on a server with others.

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