What Can You Do With the Minecraft Tekkit Mod Pack?

What Can You Do With the Minecraft Tekkit Mod Pack?

"Minecraft" Tekkit mod packs allow users to add new modifications to the game such as Attack of the B-Team, Big Dig, Hack Slash Mine, Tekkit Classic and far more. These mod packs require the installation of Tekkit's mod installer.

Attack of the B-Team is a Tekkit mod pack that implements elements of crazy science. Users can craft an array of new potions, fight futuristic villains and build technologically advanced constructions.

Another mod, Big Dig, focuses on world generation. It increases the natural frequency of valuable ores and adds new metals for users to dig.

The Hack Slash Mine mod completely converts "Minecraft" from an open world adventure game to an action/role-playing game. Another mod, Hexxit, adds a medieval element to the game by implementing dungeons, spires, ruins and tomes for players to explore. Hexxit derives its concept from the pen-and-paper, role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

In addition to Tekkit-approved packs, people can also download and play with user-created modifications. One such user-created mod is called Rexxit: Jurassic Pack. This is a dinosaur-themed mod implementing new technology, guns, vehicles and more.

Another mod is called Arcania Craft. This pack allows players to use elements of magic and sorcery. All Texxit mod packs are available for non-server, single-player use.