Where Can I Find Minecraft Skins?


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Skins for "Minecraft" may be found on sites such as McSkinSearch. This site offers thousands of free skins that players can download and use for their "Minecraft" game characters. Other skins can be found by searching Google for “Minecraft skins.”

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Once a player has found a site offering skins, first the file is downloaded. Every site differs in the way that it allows players to download skins. Regardless of the download method, the end result requires the player to save a file that ends with “.png” to the computer.

After the file is downloaded, the player needs to install the "Minecraft" skin using that file. Players do this by visiting the official "Minecraft" website and logging into their accounts. Once the player is logged in, the Preferences link needs to be located, which is in the upper-left corner. From there, the player is taken to another page that shows the character running in place. Below the instructions on this page is a button that reads “Choose file.” After clicking on this button, choose the “.png” file that was downloaded earlier, and click the “Upload” button. Once these steps are done, the downloaded skin has been applied to the in-game character.

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