Who Can You Marry in Skyrim?


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Once you have obtained the Amulet of Mara in the game, you can marry many different men or women based on your own preference and experience. Available partners include the Redguard women Anwen and Raya as well as Orc males Ghorbash the Iron Hand, Gat gro-Shargakh and Moth gro-Bagol.

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Additional potential mates include Nord males Farkas, Balimund, Calder, Odfel and Argis the Bulwark. Imperial males available for marriage include Sorex Vinius, Quintus Navale and Pavo Attius. Lydia, Aeri, Hilund, Orla and Iona are females of the Nord race available for marriage. Dunmer female options include Jenassa, Dravynea the Stoneweaver, Brelyna Maryon and Avrusa Sarethi.

Those looking for Breton partners may choose the male Ainethach, Cosnach, Omluag, Perth or Octieve San. Female Breton options include Senna and Muiri. Taarie is the only female High Elf available for marriage. Those looking for marriage partners among the lizard-like Argonian race may choose the female Shahvee or males Derkeethus and Scouts-Many-Marshes.

Male Dunmer who your character can marry include Romlyn Dreth, Revyn Sadri, Sondas Drenim and Athis. Imperial females available for marriage include Viola Giordano, Gilfre, Camilla Valerius and Ria. If you are looking for a female Orc partner, you may choose from Ghorza gra Bagol or Borgakh the Steel Heart.

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