How Can You Make Wool Pincushions?


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The simplest way to make wool pincushions is with washed and carded wool roving or batts, dyed wools, a nylon stocking and a washing machine. Begin with about an ounce of roving split lengthwise into long strips, and wrap the strips as you would a ball of string. To felt the wool, put the ball of roving inside the nylon, tie it off and wash it in the machine with hot water and dish washing liquid. Shape it while wet.

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Another way to make a teacup-shaped wool pincushion is with an old wool sweater, thread, fabric glue and a lingerie bag. For best results, use a sweater made from Shetland wool or lamb’s wool. Cut off the sleeves and cut them open. Wash them in hot water and soap until the fabric is felted. To make the pincushion, form the base of the “teacup” with felt rectangles and wrap strips of the felted wool around the base. Secure the felt with fabric glue. Add a handle and base to the cup.

Other ideas to make a wool pincushion with felted wool include a wool flower pincushion and a spring hat wool pincushion. Useful supplies to make a wool pincushion include polyester fiberfill, assorted felted wool scraps and embroidery floss.

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