How Can You Make up Your Own Math Games?

How Can You Make up Your Own Math Games?

You can make up your own math games by creating a math board game using cardboard, colored markers, note cards, dice, a yardstick, and playing pieces to represent the players. Customize the cardboard into a playing area that includes questions in areas of math your target audience is struggling with. If the game is being created for a young student, his teacher can help make recommendations for what to include and suggest outside resources to help you create it.

Before actually marking the cardboard, it is important to create the questions for the game on separate paper along with the answers. Focusing these questions on what the target audience has the most difficulty with helps to make the game a valuable learning exercise.

To gather both dice and playing pieces, take out any existing board games you already own.

To create the game board, form a piece of cardboard into the traditional shape and size of a game board. Next, use a black marker and a yard stick to divide the game board into even squares spaced around the perimeter.

Use colored markers to mark the problems inside the squares as having certain point values. For example, make yellow spaces five points, red spaces 10 points and so on. Leave three spaces with no point values. Use these for spaces such a lose a turn, roll again and bonus points. Finally, fill the spaces with questions to answer.