How Can You Make a Play Car for Kids?

To make a car that children can play in, you need a large cardboard box, a box cutter, five paper plates and two plastic cups. You also need packing tape and glue to help assemble the car. It is important to make sure that the box is large enough for your child to sit in.

Begin by taping the box closed with the packing tape. Using the box cutter, cut a semicircle out of each side of the box, close to the top — these act as the doors. Next, use the box cutter to cut out two-thirds of the top of the box, leaving it joined to the remaining third, which acts as the hood of the car. Fold the flap up toward the hood to create the windshield. Fold the flap in half and tape the two halves together to keep it in place, then cut a rectangle out of the windshield piece so that you can see through it.

Glue two paper plates on each side to act as the wheels, and one inside the car to act as a steering wheel. Finally, glue the bottom of each plastic cup to the front of the car to act as the headlights. Use paint, fabric and construction paper to decorate the car to your or your child's taste.