How Can You Make Pictures Look Like They Are Vintage?

Make pictures look vintage by covering the camera lens with different materials, using an old camera and expired film or using photo manipulation websites such as Wanokoto or Whether through physical or digital alteration, these techniques allow photographers to create vintage effects on their images.

Covering a camera lens, even on a smartphone, can create vintage effects on photographs. Putting Vaseline on the edges of a lens creates an out-of-focus appearance similar to that of old film. Photographers with more expensive cameras can apply Vaseline to a lens filter, rather than the actual lens. Stretching a nylon stocking, wax paper or any other type of clear material over a lens can also create different vintage-style effects.

Using actual vintage equipment and film is another way to give pictures an authentic vintage look. Old film cameras from yard sales, thrift stores or even around the house can all create vintage photographs, particularly if they are loaded with expired film. Expired film typically gives photographs a washed-out, faded look, making them appear immediately vintage.

Websites such as Wanokoto and also offer image alteration tools to make pictures look vintage. Wanokoto offers a deterioration tool that claims to make images look over 100 years old, while offers a range of effects that can make uploaded images look vintage.