How Can You Make Free Paper Targets With a Pair of Compasses?


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To create a free paper target using a drafting compass, mark the center point on a large sheet of paper. Using a ruler, expand the compass to the radius of the innermost ring (the bullseye ring). Scribe a circle around the center point on the paper, keeping the anchor point of the compass firmly placed on the center point. Repeat for the larger remaining rings to complete the bullseye target.

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To manufacture a target that adheres to standard dimensions, you must reach the National Rifle Association standard target type for the method of shooting. Rulebooks.NRA.org provides a comprehensive list of NRA official rule books. There are a range of standard bullseye targets depending on the target range, fire rate and caliber of the firearm. A B-6 target, for instance, is used for slow-fire pistol shooting at 50 yards. It has seven rings for which the diameters range from 1.695 inches for the bullseye ring to 19.68 inches for the five-point ring.

Bullseye targets have a number of rings representing point values. The innermost ring is called the "bullseye" and carries the same point value as the 10-point ring. The number and diameter of rings depend on the style of shooting, including range and caliber.

Competitive bullseye shooting is primarily done with one of three pistol classes, divided into .22, .32 and .45 caliber classes. Other target styles are generally used for rifles. All sights are legal to use, but are usually foregone for iron sights.

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