How Can You Make a Paper Nurse Hat?

Make a paper nurse hat by folding newspaper into the appropriate shape and fastening it with tape. Then you can place it on your head, and keep it in place using some bobby pins.

Acquire an 8 1/2 by 11-inch piece of paper or newspaper, bobby pins and double-sided tape. Lay the newspaper on a flat surface lengthwise so that the long sides are on the bottom and the top. Start by folding the right corner down so that the point rests in the center of the paper 2 inches from the bottom. Repeat the process with the left corner. Both the corners should be lined up evenly, and the top of the paper should have a triangular shape.

Fold the bottom of the paper up and crease it so that the folded edges of the top of the paper are on the creased edge of the fold. The paper should now resemble a sailboat. Apply tape to the inside of the bottom flap.

Turn the hat over. Fold the triangle point at the top of the hat down until it is tucked into the bottom flap. Add another double-sided piece of tape to the back of the point, and press it firmly to the back of the hat.