How Can You Make Paper Flowers?


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Make paper flowers by attaching crepe paper petals to a piece of wire with floral tape. Another method is to cut petal-like fringes in a long strip of crepe paper, and then wrap the entire strip around the wire instead of going petal by petal.

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To make a basic paper rose, cut a square piece of crepe paper and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Place the paper with the folded side up and the pointed end down on a work surface, and roll it around the end of a floral wire tip to form the center or stamen. Starting at the bottom of the rolled tissue, wrap it and the wire in floral tape.

Next, cut several teardrop petals from a stack of crepe paper, and wrap them one by one around the stamen, attaching each petal with floral tape. Add as many petals as desired.

For the continuous-petal or fringe method to make a daisy, get a strip of crepe paper the height of the flower, and cut slits in it along one side. Round the tops of the fringed paper. Make the stamen by wrapping a small piece of cotton in a piece of crepe paper and attaching it to a wire with floral tape. Wrap the fringed petals around the stamen, and secure it with tape.

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