How Can I Make a Paper Airplane Fly Far?

can-make-paper-airplane-fly-far Credit: SashaW/CC-BY-2.0

You can make a paper plane fly far by choosing a design that flies long distances without nosediving. The technique used for launching the plane into air also impacts how fast and far it can fly. You need a piece of paper to make the paper plane. Use decorative paper to make your plane unique.

  1. Choose the paper

    Use an 8 ½-inch by 11-inch sheet of paper to construct the plane. Printer paper or decorative paper works equally well.

  2. Fold the paper

    Fold the paper in half diagonally. Press down on the fold so that it creases sharply. Unfold the paper. Take the edges of the top corners and fold them so the two triangles that form touch but do not overlap. Fold the two edges towards the center.

  3. Create a valley fold

    Create a valley fold, and fold the paper to turn the plane 90 degrees. Each side should be of 1 ½ inches in width at this point.

  4. Make a wing crease

    Make a wing crease that starts at the nose of the plane. Partially unfold the sides to give the paper plane its wings. This gives it a three-dimensional shape.

  5. Fly the plane

    Hold the plane at the center, and launch it into air with medium force.