How Can You Make Your Own Wrist Corsage?


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Make a wrist corsage by hot gluing flowers and greenery to felt and adding a ribbon. Required materials include flowers, greenery such as from fern fronds, ribbon, floral tape and wire.

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Gather an number of flowers depending on their sizes. For instance, use five small flowers or three that are medium-sized. Trim off all but 1/2 inch of the stems. Thread a 4-inch wire through the center of the flower so that there are 2 inches on either side of the trimmed stem. Twist the wire halves together, and repeat the process for all the flowers.

Hold all the wires and the stems of the greenery together, and wrap floral tape around them. Cut a small hole in the piece of ribbon that ties around the wrist. Stick the taped ends of the flowers through the hole, and glue it flush against the ribbon.

Another option is to wrap the middle of the ribbon around a folded length of wire and glue the wire into place. Hot glue the flowers and greenery to a round piece of felt. Next, hot glue the wire-wrapped ribbon section to the other side of the felt, and glue another felt circle on the other side of the ribbon.

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