Can You Make Your Own Unique Pen Holders?

Can You Make Your Own Unique Pen Holders?

Ideas for making unique pen holders include using cork trivets, a small clay flower pot, magazine pictures and a pot holder. For a cork pen holder, glue six cork trivets in a stack, and let it dry for several hours. Mark several drill spots on the top trivet where the holes will go. To make each hole, drill straight down into the stack.

For a wide-mouth pen holder, paint a small terra cotta clay pot. After the paint dries, use craft glue to attach small buttons in an attractive pattern.

For a very personalized pen holder, begin by cutting out favorite small pictures or designs from magazines. Using a foam brush, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to a small, unfinished wood container purchased from a craft store. Put the magazine cut-outs over the Mod Podge, overlapping, if desired. Apply additional Mod Podge for more layers of pictures. Finish the holder with a final coat of the sealer.

You can make a soft pen holder using a traditional potholder loom and craft loops. After weaving the potholder, remove it from the loom. Cut through an extra loop to form a single long string. Fold the potholder in half, and tie one end of the cut loop in one corner.

Weave the loop through two adjacent edges, leaving the third side open. Tie the end of the loop off, and fold it under the weaving to hide it.