How Can You Make Your Own Star Costume?

To make your own star costume, cut two large stars out of cardboard, paint them yellow and spray them with adhesive glitter. Add two shoulder straps on the inside edges of the stars, leaving a large hole for your head. You need two pieces of cardboard, an extra-large sheet of paper, elastic strips, glue, a yardstick, paint and glitter. The project should take a couple of hours.

  1. Cut two stars out of cardboard

    Buy or find two large pieces of cardboard that are at least 6 inches wider than your shoulders. Use a yardstick to draw a star on an extra-large piece of paper. Cut the star out, and use it as a pattern when tracing the star on the cardboard.

  2. Paint the stars

    In a well-ventilated area, paint the stars with bright-yellow paint. Allow them to dry, then flip them over and paint the other side. Spray both sides liberally with adhesive glitter, and let them dry completely.

  3. Create shoulder straps

    Cut two 10-inch strips of yellow elastic to make your straps. Have a friend hold one of the cardboard stars against the front of your torso, then make two pencil marks on the inside where you would like the straps to start. Glue one elastic strap to each mark using a high-strength glue, then allow it to dry completely. Ask one friend to hold the other star against your back and ask another friend to mark where the back of the straps should go. Glue the back straps in place.

  4. Enhance your costume

    Wear a sliver, gold or yellow shirt and a matching pair of leggings. Slip the star over your head, ensuring that the straps are placed on the shoulders.