How Can You Make Your Own Pokemon Cards?


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Pokemon cards can be created through specific websites such as mypokecard.com and pokecard.net. These sites allow the user to create Pokemon cards based off of the actual Pokemon Trading Card Game format, which can then be printed for personal use.

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In creating custom Pokemon cards, the creator must first understand the different parts of the card and what they mean to the game. Upon arrival, these websites obligate the user to choose from various Pokemon types, stages, and moves, that the user can customize and create. Each Pokemon will have their weaknesses and resistances that are determined by what type is chosen.

An example of a weakness is when a Fire Type attacks a Grass type, which will result in the damage becoming doubled since Fire types are super effective against Grass types. An example of a resistance will occur when a Water Type attacks a Grass type resulting in half of the normal damage since Grass types have a resistance to Water Types.

The user is also be allowed to name the card accordingly and choose the amount of HP it will have. HP in Pokemon stands for "Hit Points" and determines how much damage the Pokemon can take before it becomes eliminated. Other features include the option to choose any jpeg the user wishes to be used as the card art, and the ability to create attacks with customizable effects. These attacks can be used when the Pokemon has accumulated enough Energy cards, which are a main part of the game.

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