How Can You Make Your Own Lampshade?


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To make a lampshade, cover a wire lampshade with paper or fabric. Use pushpins, appliques or trims.

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How Can You Make Your Own Lampshade?
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Lampshades are very easy to make at home. To create a handmade lampshade, use the following steps.

  1. Trace a wire lampshade
  2. Trace the panels of a wire lampshade onto some pressure-sensitive self-adhesive styrene. This helps add some stability to the lampshade.

  3. Back some fabric or paper with styrene
  4. Peel off the styrene backing and stick the panels onto the wrong side of the paper or fabric. Cut the pieces out of the material.

  5. Glue the panels onto the shade
  6. Apply craft glue along one section of the wire lamp shade. Apply the panel to the shade, and then move on to the next section. Hold the panels in place with clothes pins and ribbons until the glue dries.

  7. Add decorations (optional)
  8. To finish off the lampshade, add ribbon, trim or appliques.

Crafters can also refurbish old neutral lampshades with wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric. To cover an old lampshade, simply trace the old shade onto some paper or fabric, wrap the new material around the shade and use hot glue or craft glue to fix the material to the shade. Alternately, use hot glue to apply scrapbooking appliques, ribbons or trims to a plain shade.

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