How Can You Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle Online for Free?

Websites such as, and allow users to upload photos and create their own puzzles for free. They also offer numerous ready-made jigsaw puzzles. is a free online puzzle resource that helps users create puzzles of their favorite photographs and images. To create a puzzle, users first upload the image of their choice. They are then allowed to choose the number of pieces in the puzzle, the shape of the puzzle pieces and the rotation of the pieces. They can also control the difficulty of the puzzle.

When users create puzzles on, they are also given a number of options. After users upload an image, they are asked to choose the number of pieces and whether pieces are smoothly joined, classic cut or sticky.

At, users can create puzzles to share with friends and family. The website also enables users to make puzzles that vary greatly in difficulty.

Some puzzle enthusiasts might prefer doing puzzles the old fashioned way. Users who want a custom-created traditional puzzle can upload their favorite images to They can create puzzles in traditional shapes, round shapes and invitation size (5 x 7 inch) rectangles, which come in 12 pieces. These custom-made puzzles are not free, but they make an excellent gift for any lover of puzzles.