How Can You Make Your Own Ceramic Address Tiles?


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Make your own ceramic address tile by decorating a plain ceramic tile with acrylic paint and baking it in the oven to set. The project generally takes about four hours to complete, and the cost for supplies is less than $40.

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To make your own ceramic address tiles, start with one glazed ceramic tile for each number in your address. Clean the tiles with rubbing alcohol and water. Remove any excess alcohol, and allow the tile to dry. Using a pencil or small sharpie, lightly draw your house number and desired design onto the tiles, and then paint over with acrylic paints. If you do not feel comfortable with freehand drawing, consider using stencils.

Allow the paint to dry for one hour before painting a second coat. Space the tiles out on a cookie sheet, and place into a warm oven. The temperature and time depend on the type of paint used. Check the product label for specific instructions. Once the baking process is complete, turn off the oven, and leave the tiles inside until they cool.

When completely cooled, remove the tiles from the oven, and spray them with clear enamel. Let the first coat dry, and then spray each of the tiles with an additional coat. Once the second coat dries, your address tiles are finished.

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