How Can I Make a Nightwing Superhero Costume?

How Can I Make a Nightwing Superhero Costume?

The most defining characteristic needed for a Nightwing superhero costume is a thick, blue V across the chest and back that connect and extend down both arms in straight lines. The blue detail against a black background is meant to resemble wings against a night sky. The complexity of the costume can vary from a custom-fit spandex suit to a basic pair of black pants and a long-sleeve black shirt.

The Nightwing costume changed slightly in the comics over the years. Other versions included a red wing design, a design with curves in the "V" to make it more closely resemble wings and a version with a "G" at the center of the V-shape to stand for Nightwing's family name, Grayson.

Nightwing's costume extends up his neck to just below the face, so start with a black bodysuit that covers the neck or black pants with a black turtleneck shirt. A simple iron-on transfer works well for temporary use, but stitches around the appliques work best for a lasting costume.

To make an iron-on transfer, iron a large piece of blue or red fabric to the transfer paper. Draw the design on the transfer paper backing and cut out the wing design. Remove the backing and place the transfer on the black costume base. Press with an iron and stitch around the applique to hold it firmly in place.

Finish the Nightwing costume with a thin black mask to cover the eyes. Later versions of the costume, when Nightwing wore the "G" across his chest, did not include a mask. Wear black shoes or boots to complete the costume.