How Can You Make Money in "RuneScape" With Yew Logs?


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Once players are at level 60 or above, they can start cutting and selling yew trees and logs in "Runescape" to earn in-game money. The online guide Zybez recommends waiting until reaching level 65 to chop yews faster and more efficiently and to focus on them until reaching level 85. In "Runescape" stores, yew logs sell for 64 gold pieces each.

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Woodcutting is one of the basic skills in "Runescape" with potentially high payoffs. Trees are common in the game environments. Free players have access to normal, oak, willow and yew trees.

Yew trees are most commonly found in Edgeville, which is north of the Varrock Castle, south of Falador and northeast of Rimmington. "Runescape" members have a few more options than free players. Yew trees can also be found in the Tree Gnome Stronghold near a Farming allotment. Savvy players with a Farming level of 60 can plant a yew tree and then chop it down along with the others to maximize their woodcutting earnings.

Yew trees are highly desired for their use in fletching. They yield 175 experience points per log and can be burned to increase firemaking skill. Based on the population in a world, yew trees respawn every 60 to 97.5 seconds.

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