How Can You Make Money With Photographs of Trees?


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Three ways to make money with photos of trees are to sell them as stock photos for companies and artists to purchase and use; sell them as prints in online and offline marketplaces; or sell them to publications such as newspapers and magazines. Selling images to stock photo companies is a simple way to get started. Selling photos as prints and to publications is more difficult and takes time, but the results can be much more lucrative.

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To sell images on stock photo websites, the photographer uploads his photos, and companies and artists can purchase a license to use them. The website pays the photographer royalties that often increase the more times customers download each image. This method is very simple and only requires a photographer to sign up to a stock photo account such as iStock or Dreamstime.

A photographer can sell digital copies or prints of his photos on online marketplaces such as Etsy or ArtFire, and offline places such as craft markets, fairs and galleries. Building a reputation for quality is key to sustaining long-term business in this arena, as well as being an active part of art communities to build popularity and spread the brand.

To sell photos of trees to magazines and newspapers, a photographer can research local nature and wildlife publications and contact their art or design directors. In this avenue, it is important to be very professional and follow submission guidelines to build a strong rapport. Over time as a photographer builds contacts and a high-quality portfolio, it is easier to sell photos and even have them commissioned.

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