Can You Make Money Buying and Reselling Joyride Studios Halo Toys?


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You can make money by buying and reselling Joyride Studios Halo toys. This line of toys produced by Joyride Studios and McFarlane since 2012 are marketable. Older models mostly from the Halo 1 series Action Figures are among the rarest, and they fetch good prices in the market.

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According to Amazon.com's product description section, Halo 1 action figures and figurines like Cortana, which was created by Joyride Studios in 2003, often sell for $200 or more when still in the box and around $100 for the unboxed ones. As older models of the Halo series are becoming increasingly rare, buyers are willing to pay higher prices for the toys. The toys' qualities such as durability and highly detailed body make them marketable.

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