What Can You Make With French Knitting?


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French-knitted items can take the form of a necklace, scarf, coaster, place mat, change purse, handbag, dressing table mat or floor mat. It is also possible to French-knit the arms and legs for a stuffed animal such as a dog or bear.

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Referred to as corking or spool knitting, French knitting requires weaving yarn into a thin tube. Items needed for French knitting projects include a spool made of wood, crochet needles, small nails and spare wool. Because the knitting style forms a long, knitted tube, a knitted piece can be sewn or curled to create one of a variety of creations.

The color of the wool can be changed during the knitting process when knitting a cord by placing the end of the wool's thread inside the spool and double winding the wool string over a top loop. Knitters should work from the outer part of the tube toward its center to make a knot.

To finish a cord, the knitter should wind the yarn around the next peg in a counter-clockwise direction. Continue in this fashion until the thread is wrapped around the pegs. A crochet hook can be used to lift the bottom loop of the thread over the loop at the top and inside the mid part of the tube. Follow these steps before winding again.

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