How Can I Make Football Squares?

To make football squares, create a grid with 100 squares using graph paper or a sheet of poster board. Football squares is a betting game in which participants choose one or more squares to represent the scores in football games over the course of a season or just during the Super Bowl.

The top and far-left boxes of the grid contain randomized numbers from zero through nine. Since some numbers are statistically more probable in football scores, such as three and seven, the numbers should be filled in after players select their squares.

Step 1: Create a grid on graph paper

Graph paper is the easiest method for making football squares because the lines are easier to draw. For a larger grid, draw the lines on poster board using a ruler or yardstick. Divide the graph paper or poster board into 100 squares using 10 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines. Leave at least 1 inch of space on the top and left to fill in the names of the teams.

Step 2: Fill in the team names and scores

Write the name of one team across the top of the page and the name of the second team along the left edge. After participants choose their squares, fill in the numbers zero through nine across the top squares and left squares. The numbers can be randomized by drawing them from a deck of playing cards. The order for the top squares and left squares should be different.