How Can You Make Food for Your Baby Alive Doll?

Mix equal parts water and baking soda with a few drops of food coloring to make Baby Alive food. Use warm water, and aim for a smooth, creamy texture to help prevent the doll from clogging. If baking soda is not available, sorbitol works as a replacement.

Once the mixture is combined, carefully feed it to the doll. Add salt to the food and store it in the refrigerator if you wish to preserve it.

Make juice by mixing water with food coloring and feeding it to the doll. If food coloring is not available, the doll can eat plain colored food and drink plain water.

If the doll clogs up, apple cider vinegar can help clean out dried food. Use a long, thin object to dig clogged food out of the doll. Feeding the doll real baby food may attract insects as the food decays inside it.

Baby Alive has been through several iterations since the initial release in 1973. The original Baby Alive could be fed, although it did not chew automatically. A range of Baby Alive newborn and toddler dolls is now available from Hasbro, including models that eat, sleep, burp and bounce. Various products and accessories are available from the Hasbro website.