How Can You Make Foam Props?


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To make large, durable foam items such as swords, Halloween decorations or theatrical props, use extruded polystyrene sheets or thick insulation foam, both of which are available at most hardware stores. Large foam sheets can be carved into smaller pieces that can be glued together and painted to create realistic-looking props. For small, lightweight items like hats, use sheets of craft foam.

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To make a large foam prop, such as a pumpkin or tombstone for Halloween, use thick sheet foam and cut it with a saw or electric carving knife. For a flat prop like a tombstone, simply draw the shape on the flat sheet and cut it out. Paint the items to look as realistic as possible. For three-dimensional props like pumpkins, think of the prop in terms of slices that can be cut out and glued together to make the desired shape. Use glue that is designed to work on the type of foam being used as basic craft glue may not be strong enough.

When making smaller, lighter props such as hats and costume accessories, use thin foam sheets. These sheets come in many bright colors and can be found at most art or craft supply stores. The flat, flexible sheets can easily be cut, curved, layered and glued together. When children are involved in the project, craft foam is preferable to polystyrene or insulation, as it can be cut with scissors and glued with a basic craft glue.

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