How Can You Make a Feather Duster?


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Make a feather duster by attaching feathers to a dowel. You need a dowel, feathers and a small plastic medicine dosing cup along with glue, a rubber band and paint.

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Use the glue to paint the dowel and the measuring cup. As they dry, gather several 10-inch feathers into a bundle, and wrap them together using a rubber band. Cut a hole the size of the dowel in the bottom of the measuring cup, and glue the handle into place with the measuring cup facing upward. Once the glue dries, add more glue to the cup opening, and place the bundled feathers inside. Allow the glue to dry overnight before using the feather duster.

To make a fleece feather duster, cut a piece of fleece into 10 by 15 inches. Fold it in half so that it measures 5 by 15 inches, and cut the fold to make two pieces. Sew a small pocket the length of the fleece starting a few inches from the top that is the size of a dowel or a curtain rod. This is the area into which the feather duster handle slides. Cut a fringe in the fleece along the sides, making sure not to cut into the pocket. Add the handle, and dust.

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