How Can You Make Farfetch'd Have an Evolution in Pokemon?


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Farfetch'd cannot evolve into any Pokémon past Farfetch'd; however, you can create an egg and then evolve it into a Farfetch'd.

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  1. Make an egg

    In order to acquire an egg of a Farfetch'd, you must have a male and female Farfetch'd in the same party at the same time, and then do battle with them. The egg spawns randomly.

  2. Nurture the egg

    Develop the egg by using it to give specific moves to its parents. Both parents must know the moves they receive from the egg. The parents can then adopt the developed egg as if it were their own.

  3. Hatch the egg

    With constant nurture and attention, the egg eventually hatches into a full-grown Farfetch'd.

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