How Can I Make Fake Dinosaur Drool?


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Fake dinosaur drool can be made with variations of gooey mixtures called GAK, slime and goop. Solid or firm dinosaur drool can be made with silly putty or hardened glue.

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Most dinosaurs were plant-eaters, which meant they needed little saliva to chew. However, meat-eating dinosaurs certainly produced drool, and although it has not been proven, some scientists believe that some carnivorous dinosaurs even spat venom. GAK, slime and goop are basically variations of water, glue and borax, and they can be made to resemble copious amounts of dinosaur drool.

Their appearance and texture can be tweaked with the addition of food coloring, gelatin, psyllium husks, shaving cream and glow powders. Borax can be replaced with psyllium husks or corn starch, heating the mixture to the desired consistency. It can be made without both glue and borax by combining 2-parts cornstarch and 1-part water. The substance formed is both a solid and a liquid; it is a solid only under pressure. For a different consistency, the cornstarch and water can be boiled and allowed to cool. Drool can also be made by combining dish soap and baking soda.

Silly putty can be made by combining water, white glue and liquid starch. Dry dinosaur drool can be simulated by pouring liquid glue and allowing it to harden.

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