How Can You Make Enlarged Photos Smaller?


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Make an enlarged photo smaller in appearance by opening it in an image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Windows Paint, and using the sizing tools to modify its dimensions. To decrease the file size of the enlarged photo, use the Save As in an image editor and decrease its Quality setting.

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To decrease the size of an enlarged image in Photoshop, open the file in the program and then select the Image Size option from the Image menu. This menu offers several sizing options, with the most direct method being to enter a new value into either the Width or Height boxes. It is possible to set several units of measurement for these values, including pixels and inches, so choose the value with which you are most comfortable. Click the Constrain Proportions box to force the program to automatically scale the remaining value to match the one you modify. It is also possible to change the size of the image by altering its Resolution.

GIMP offers a similar resizing feature, with options for entering in new width and height values manually. To change the file size in both programs, choose the Save As command from the File menu and lower the Qualify setting to decrease its size. Microsoft Paint does not offer a file size changing tool, though it does offer the ability to alter the size of an image through its Resize tool.

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