What Can You Make With Empty Wooden Wine Boxes?


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Two items that can be fashioned from empty wooden wine boxes are litter boxes and bookshelves. Other items include cabinets, planting beds, decorative lamps, dioramas and toiletry shelves.

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What Can You Make With Empty Wooden Wine Boxes?
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Converting a wine box to a litter box requires a few simple steps. The empty wine box should have a hole in one side for lifting. If it doesn't, cut a hole into the wood large enough for a cat to fit through. Next, cut off the top half of the box. Line the bottom half with plastic to prevent litter from falling through the cracks. Reattach the top half of the box by placing hinges on the back. The box should open and close from the top once the hinges are placed.

For the bookshelf, place the empty wine boxes on top of each other. The amount of boxes required depends on the amount of books that need to be stored. Apply screws and brackets to the back of the shelf to bind the boxes. Hammer small nails into the front of each shelf so it cannot shift away from the box below it. Sand the edges, apply a coat of primer, and paint the shelves with a coat of non-lead paint.

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