How Can I Make an Elephant Trunk?

How Can I Make an Elephant Trunk?

Make an easy elephant trunk for fun and games with a paper towel roll, paint, yarn, a paint brush and scissors. Paint the paper towel roll, cut holes in it, and thread yarn through the holes. This whole project, aside from drying time for the paint, takes no more than 15 minutes.

  1. Decorate the paper roll

    Get a used or empty paper towel roll. Paint it gray using the paint and paint brush. Wait for it to dry thoroughly before continuing on to the next steps. Once the paper towel roll is dry, use the marker to draw short black lines across one side of it. Divide the tube in thirds, and cut two slits in the tube width wise that are the shape and length of the slits.

  2. Add holes

    Add holes to one end of the paper towel roll through which to thread the yarn. Make sure the holes are directly across from each other.

  3. Thread in yarn

    Cut two long pieces of yarn no longer than 2 feet each. Thread each piece of yarn through one of the two holes. Tie them off. To wear the trunk, secure it to your head by stretching the yarn pieces behind your head and tying them tightly together.