How Can You Make an Elephant Mask?


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Ziggity Zoom provides a printable pattern and directions for making an elephant mask. Crafty Shops gives detailed instructions for creating a made-from-scratch version, using easily acquired materials, such as a disposable plate, colored tissue and a toilet paper roll.

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First, place four paper plates on a table, two face up and two face down. Paint all of the plates and allow them to dry. Center a toilet paper roller in the middle of one face-down plate for the trunk. Trace a circle pattern onto the plate and cut it out. Push the end of the roller through the hole to make the elephant's trunk.

Use the remaining uncut plate for the back of the head. Place it on the table, painted side down. Add the two face-up plates to create large ears. Position the ears on either side, overlapping the back-of-the-head plate and secure with tape.

Press the elephant's face and trunk plate snugly over the back-of-the-head and ears plate. Seal the edges together using staples. Cut small eye holes through both plates. Use tissue paper of a complimentary color to fashion a cylinder trunk and tape it over the roller.

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