How Can You Make an Egg Costume?

To make an egg costume, dress in a white leotard and tights, and then attach half a yellow Styrofoam ball to the stomach. A cute twist for a child's costume is to add red horns and a devil's tail, transforming it into a "deviled egg" costume.

An egg costume is both cute and easy to make. The only supplies needed are:

  • A white leotard and tights
  • A small Styrofoam or plastic child's ball
  • Yellow felt
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A serrated knife

Step 1: Make the egg yolk

Use the serrated knife to cut the Styrofoam or plastic ball in half. Apply lines of hot glue to the flat side of one of the halves. Place the ball cut side down onto the wrong, or back, side of the yellow fabric. Continue using hot glue to cover the rest of the ball with the yellow fabric. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 2: Attach the yolk to the costume

Use beads of hot glue to attach the half-ball to the stomach area of the white leotard. Place a plastic place mat between the front and back of the leotard to ensure they do not become glued together.

To make a "deviled egg," create devil horns out of red felt and attach to a white skull cap. Purchase or create a devil's tail out of red felt, and attach it to the back of the white leotard.