How Can You Make an Easy Mask That Is Suitable for Kids?


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Making masks for kids is a fun and creative project. Kids' masks are great for holidays, parties or an after-school activity. It's important to use safe products, such as non-toxic glue and paint, when making masks. To make a kid's mask, you need a paper plate, a pair of sunglasses, a string, a pencil, safety scissors, glue and decorations.

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How Can You Make an Easy Mask That Is Suitable for Kids?
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  1. Cut eye holes in the paper plate

    Use a pair of sunglasses and a pencil to mark where you want the eye holes to be on the paper plate. Use scissors to cut out the marked eye holes. Kids should use safety scissors if cutting is necessary. An adult should always supervise kids' activities.

  2. Make holes on the sides of the mask

    Use a pencil to mark two holes, one on each side of the mask. Push the pencil through the marks to make the holes.

  3. Tie a string through the holes

    Tie the end of a piece of string through a hole and the other end through the second hole. The string will keep the mask secure to the kid's head.

  4. Decorate the mask

    The fun part of making a mask is decorating it. Allow the kid to use safe craft tools to decorate the mask. Feathers, beads and finger paint make great decorations.

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