How Can You Make a Doll?

How Can You Make a Doll?

To make a doll, gather materials including stretch fiber, colored cloth, string, ribbons, wool yarn and polyester fiberfill. To fix all of these into place, arrange for equipment such as a sewing machine, needles, scissors, chalk, glue and a toothpick. With appropriate fillings and designing, sew all parts into place.

  1. Make the pattern

    Using a sketch paper or a computer, sketch an image of a doll that you are planning to replicate. Copy the pattern onto your cloth. Pin two sheets of fabric with two sheets of cloth, and then draw the outline carefully, making sure you get the shape correct. Using different cloths, add more color to the structure.

  2. Sew the parts

    Sew the head and the body around the periphery, except at the openings. Sew all around the arms, and then make a hole with a ripper, one on each side. Next, turn the whole costume inside out. Cut out with around a 0.3cm margin. Under the thigh, notch the seam. Next, turn the arms, using a toothpick or other turning tool. Do this carefully and without error to make sure that the base is strong.

  3. Insert the filling

    Fill the doll that you have readied using fiberfill. Fill the neck tightly, leaving the ears. Stitch the head to the body firmly to get the whole body ready for the final touches. Cut holes for the arms, and fill them in, too. Stitch the parts together, and start customizing. Add in ribbons and paint to make the face. Sew some outfits for the doll to wear.