How Can You Make a DIY Snow Globe?

Homemade snow globes can beeasily crafted at home using basic materials such as a jar, ceramic or plastic figurinesfigurines, glitter, sandpaper,epoxy glue and distilled water.Glycerin, which can be bought at most well-stocked drugstores, may also be added to make the glitter floatbetter.

The following shows the basic method for making a homemade snow globe.

  1. Prepare the materials
  2. Apart from those already mentioned, oil-based enamel paint will also be handy to paint the cover of glass jars with more season-appropriate colors. Note that figurines made of metals will be more prone to rust and corrosion, especially when exposed to water.

  3. Glue the design in place
  4. Begin sanding down the inside surface of the lid to roughen it up. This will make the figurines and other designs adhere to the lid better. Glue the figurines and other design elements onto the inside of the lid and wait until the glue is dry.

  5. Add distilled water
  6. Pour distilled water into the jar until it is nearly full. Add a pinch of glitter into the jar. If glycerin will be added to the water, use only about 1 to 2 teaspoons of it. Be careful not to add too much glycerin or the glitter might not float at all.

  7. Seal with the lid
  8. Carefully place the lid with the figurine on the jar and seal it tightly. It may also be glued on to prevent children from opening the snow globe.Turn the jar over, and the homemade snow globe is complete.