How Can You Make Cute Pencil Cases?

How Can You Make Cute Pencil Cases?

Although there are many ways to make a cute pencil case, one of the easiest is to sew one out of wool felt. With just a few inches of fabric, you can cut out and stitch a cute pencil case that fastens with a button.

  1. Gather the materials

    Collect scraps of wool felt, embroidery thread and a button in coordinating or contrasting colors, a needle with a large eye, and either scissors or pinking shears.

  2. Cut the felt

    Cut a 2.5-by-18 inch rectangle of felt. For a straight edge, cut with scissors. But if a decorative edge is desired, cut with pinking shears. Measure 6 inches from the bottom and fold up, creating the pocket for the pencil case.

  3. Stitch up the sides

    Using the embroidery thread and needle, sew the sides of the pencil case using a running stitch. Repeat making short stitches from back to front along each side of the case. When stitching is complete, make a knot in the back.

  4. Attach the button

    Measure 2 inches from the top of the pocket, and sew the button on the center front of the case. Fold the top flap over, and simply snip a button hole. The wool felt isn't going to fray, so it's not necessary to finish the button hole.